Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some questions you might have. There’s more information in the online help too.

Is Keysticks free?

Yes, the software is now free and open source. No registration is required. Tim (creator of Keysticks) previously released the software commercially as shareware but now maintains Keysticks as a personal project.

My evaluation has ended. What should I do?

If your evaluation of an old version of Keysticks has ended and you wish to continue using Keysticks, please simply install the latest version and you will be able to continue using it without any time limitation. It is no longer necessary to register or buy a licence (see above).

I have lost my registration code. Can you send it again?

This means you are using an old version of the software that required registration. Please simply upgrade to the latest version of Keysticks which is free and no longer requires registration.

Where can I find the source code for Keysticks?

Please see the download page.

Which type of controller can I use?

You can use any gamepad or joystick that supports either XInput or DirectInput and is correctly installed (i.e. you have the drivers). This includes both wired and wireless Xbox 360 controllers. For more information about using a wireless controller, see the download page.

Does Keysticks automatically detect my controller?

Yes, provided Keysticks is running, it will recognise your controller automatically within a few seconds. To test whether your controller has been detected, try selecting it in the Inputs tab of the Keysticks Profile Designer window. When you use your controller, the corresponding controls should flash in the display. If your controller is still not being detected, check the Device Manager in the Windows Control Panel to verify that your controller is installed and working correctly.

Does Keysticks support multiple players?

Yes, you can have up to 4 players.

Which languages does Keysticks support?

Currently, the Keysticks user interface is in English only. However, the screen keyboard supports many languages and dynamically updates according to your current keyboard layout. The word prediction feature also supports many different languages, which you can add in the Prediction tab of the program options.

Can Keysticks automatically activate controls for particular programs / windows?

Yes. You configure this using the “Activate…” panel in the Profile Designer. See the Profile Designer – Controls help topic.

Can I switch profiles by pressing a button?

Yes, you can assign a Load Profile action to your button (in the “Edit actions” window) to switch to another profile. You can also have multiple control sets in a single profile and switch between them.

Can I start programs by pressing a button?

Yes, you can assign a Start Program action to your button (in the “Edit actions” window) to start the program you want.

Can I switch windows by pressing a button?

Yes, you can add an Activate Window action (in the “Edit actions” window) to activate a specific window. There is also a ready-made “Alt+Tab” template that allows you to switch between windows by tapping or holding down a control.

Can I use button combinations?

Yes. See profile P20 in the Download Area within the Keysticks software for how to do this.

Are the mouse pointer controls configurable?

Yes. You can change the speed and acceleration in the Program options. There are fixed speed and absolute/relative position modes too.

Can I change the design of the controller window?

Yes. In the Inputs tab of the Profile Designer, you can change the background image or colour, you can add or remove controls, and you can rearrange the controls using click and drag.

Can I turn off notifications?

Yes. If you prefer not to see a notification when you load a profile or apply changes, you can untick “Show tray notifications” in the General tab of the Program options window.

Can I import controls from another profile?

Yes. You can import control sets and controller designs from another profile or from another player in the current profile.

Are there any limitations I should know about?

A couple, yes. Some games are designed to only accept input from physical hardware devices, and others may prevent or override Keysticks actions, for example by fixing or hiding the mouse cursor. You might find that Keysticks and other keyboard/mouse emulators can’t control those ones.

Also, Keysticks controls won’t work when you’re doing something that requires Administrator privileges (e.g. installing a program) unless you’re also running Keysticks with Administrator privileges. That’s life. At least now you know.

Keysticks is saying it can’t read my profile file. Why is that?

This might be because your Keysticks profiles are being stored in a folder within (My) Documents, which is where earlier versions of Keysticks stored them. This folder now has additional security restrictions. If you are getting this error, try moving your Keysticks profiles to a folder outside of (My) Documents and specifying that folder in the Keysticks program options, Folders tab.

Can I share Keysticks profiles that I create?

Yes, absolutely! The Keysticks Profile Browser has a Download Area to make it easier to download and share profiles. However, before you can share profiles, you need to Create a user account then log in to the Download Area with it.

Why did you develop Keysticks?

In fact, Keysticks was created because its creator (Tim) had some difficulties with his hands, and the idea of using a game controller seemed like a natural, comfortable alternative to the keyboard and mouse… with some great possibilities for PC gaming and wireless browsing / music too. So here it is! If you’re thinking of using Keysticks for health reasons, it’s a good idea to seek medical advice first. Often, simply stopping using the computer is the best first step.

How do I update to the latest version of Keysticks?

Just download the latest version of the software and run the installer. You don’t need to uninstall the old version first. Software updates might replace the sample profiles that come with Keysticks though, so take a copy first if you’ve modified those ones. Any other profiles that you have created or downloaded will be preserved and will work in the new version.